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SDIM’s research report on disaster reduction included in GAR 2019

May 31.2019

Based on the analysis of the widely used disaster database in the world, SDIM carried out the research and development of spatial processing technologies of disaster data aiming at the problems of different warehousing standards of disaster events, low spatial degree and uneven data completeness. As a result, the transformation from a statistical disaster database to a statistical and spatial disaster database has been realized. Furthermore, by analysing the disaster history of the Belt and Road countries, especially the disaster risk in Chinas new urbanization process, a research report on the impact of the earthquake and geological disasters, flood and drought disasters, storm disasters and climate change-related disasters on the new urbanization process was completed.

In May 2019, the UN Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2019 (GAR) was released in Geneva, Switzerland. Signed by the UN Secretary-general, the report contains 60 studies on disaster reduction worldwide, in which the research report entitled Disaster Risks and Response Strategies in Process of Urbanization in China written by SDIM was included as the only one in China.




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